3 Ply Face Mask

3 Ply Face Mask
3 Ply Face Mask
Product Description
We are consistently supplying high quality 3 PLY Face Mask to our customers. Such masks are made of spun bond PP non woven fabric  with elastic properties. While putting on the face, the tie grip stretches automatically adjusts on the face. This face mask is especially designed for the healthcare staffs working in clinics, hospitals,  or nursing homes. Three layer protection of 3 PLY Face Mask protects the staff from any kind of air-borne disease or infections.

From the day of the incorporation, our enterprise, has shown a great loyalty to customers. We have constantly promised them best quality 3 Ply Face Mask, our company fulfill our promises with great consistency. Not failing even once to fulfill such commitments, we have emerged as one of the supplier for providing 3 Ply Face Mask to a huge clientele in the marketplace.


Three layers in a 3-ply face mask:

The three layers ordinarily found in a 3-ply face mask are:
  • External Layer: This layer is frequently made of a hydrophobic (water-repellent) material that repulses drops and forestall the infiltration of fluids.
  • Center Layer: The center layer is the filtration layer, typically made out of a material that channels out particles and microorganisms.
  • Inward Layer: The inward layer is typically made of a delicate and agreeable material that interacts with the face.


FAQs of 3 Ply Face Mask:

What is a 3-ply face mask?

A 3-ply face mask is a sort of defensive mask intended to cover the mouth and nose. It is comprised of three layers of materials that cooperate to give filtration, assurance, and solace.

What is the reason for a 3-ply face mask?

The basic role of a 3-ply face mask is to give an obstruction that forestalls the spread of respiratory drops, which might contain irresistible particles. It additionally offers insurance against breathing in destructive particles from the climate.

Are 3-ply face masks powerful against Coronavirus?

3-ply face masks, when worn accurately and joined with other preventive estimates like hand cleanliness and physical separating, can assist with decreasing the spread of Coronavirus. Be that as it may, their adequacy relies upon variables like the fit, nature of materials, and legitimate utilization.

Will 3-ply face masks be reused?

Numerous 3-ply face masks are intended for single-use and ought to be disposed of after use. Be that as it may, a few masks with different layers and launderable materials might be reused if appropriately cleaned and kept up with.

How could I discard utilized 3-ply face masks?

Utilized 3-ply face masks ought to be discarded in a lined garbage can. Try not to litter them, as they might contain possibly irresistible particles.
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